4CNW winning EU Bid - Creative Sligo Partnership

Project Update: The Creative State North West published their Brokering Creative Advantage: Better Business Support report in August 2014. You can view the report online here.

4CNW the Sligo-led North-Western partnership is one of the 8 projects, and the only irish project, selected to participate in and inform the European Creative Industries Alliance(ECIA). Now titled The Creative State North West, you can read about the experiences of Creative and Industry participants on their website.

The 4CNW business support programme focuses on innovation support for creative industries. Led by the Creative Sligo Initiative (now titled The Creative State North West) the project is being delivered across North West Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland. MCO worked on behalf of the Creative Sligo Partnership and Western Development Commission with regional partners to develop the bid and was delighted to see the 4CNW business programme launched, first in Milan in February alongside ECIA and then in Ireland in March as part ofhere). Furthermore, it is expected that 150 jobs will be safeguarded.

The 4CNW project evolved out of the Creative Sligo Initiative strategy for the County Development Board in 2010, which is turn evolved out of the MCO Greenfort area cultural mapping project for Sligo Local Authorites in 2009.

4D Applications

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  • Mapping
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