Father Collins Park

Project Update: Father Collins Park was selected for the Mies van der Rohe Prize last year (one of 38 ouvrages selectionnes from all over Europe) and is part of a touring exhibition that is now in Leuven, Belgium (April, 2012). The exhibition continues its European tour later this month visiting Dusseldorf (1/5 - 3/6), Serbia (10/6 - 12/7), Vienna (19/7 - 8/10), Copenhagen (25/10 - 6/01/13) and Milan (Jan-Feb 2012).

Ireland’s first sustainable energy park, Father Collins Park is leading the way in the planning of public amenities. It has a sustainable drainage system incorporating wetlands and swales, uses native planting and supplies its own wind energy.

Father Collins Park provides many welcome public facilities for the local community and has been embraced by the local Clongriffin ‘Friends of the Park’ group, who have put in place a local programme of activity. In 2011 the park was short-listed by the jury of the EU Prize for Contemporary Architecture for the Mies van der Rohe Award.

The 52 acre park provides the local community with family, sports and cultural facilities such as:
— 2 children’s playgrounds
— Free outdoor gym facilities, including 6 health stations and a 1.5km circuit track
— 5 playing fields, a ‘green roof’ changing facilities building and a skatepark
— Picnic areas and permanent chess tables
— A stage and amphitheatre outdoor performance venue

“Fr. Collins Park is a park for the people. It provides amenities for children, young people and adults of all ages" Lord Mayor Eibhlin Byrne, May 2009.

The park uses 5no. 50kW wind turbines to power its systems, saving an estimated 320 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually. It is landscaped with native planting and durable construction materials. The wetlands eco-system naturally filters and cleans water drained through a series of reed beds and other flora as part of a recycling system that replenishes and keeps clean the lake and water features.

Father Collins Park was Highly Commended at the Opus 2009 Awards, and was awarded 'Best Environmentally Friendly Initiative' and Best Public Park' by the Local Authority Members Association. MCO were project managers and architects with our Argentinean partners Ar Arq, working for Dublin City Council.
We are currently involved in a research project to evaluate the energy performance of the park.

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