Patients and visitors to the Mater Hospital will find solace, privacy and peace in a unique, six-metre high Contemplation Pod, co-designed by award-winning architects, M.CO and one of Ireland’s top craftsmen, Garvan de Bruir.

It was constructed by apprentice carpenters and joiners at the John G Sisk Training Centre with the aim of creating a space where patients could find some solace within the busy hospital environment. 

We put patients at the heart of the hospital development and were determined to include elements that would make the hospital experience an easier one. As well as the Contemplative Pod we have included a large, landscaped roof garden which patients, visitors and staff can enjoy and to take the stress out of the hospital experience.

– Laura Magahy, M.CO Managing Director.

Regarded as one of Ireland’s most talented leather workers and furniture makers, Garvan De Bruir’s work in furniture and sculpture have been exhibited in London, Dublin, Milan and Dubai. He is a member of The Institute of Design Ireland, The Crafts Council of Ireland and the British Contract Furnishing and Design Association and has won awards in both Ireland and the UK. 

According to De Bruir the ‘basketing’ effect of the Contemplative Pod will give a feeling of lightness throughout, allowing natural light to pour through.

The latticing in the lower part of this giant basket is thicker, providing more privacy and intimacy...When you are inside and look up through the lattices you will be impressed by how geometric and decorative they are. The impact will be uplifting. They will cast a very dramatic shadow over the floor.” 

De Bruir also designed the American black walnut circular bench which will provide seating for up to six people inside the structure. 

Project directed over 14 years by M.CO, the new Mater Public Hospital Out Patients Department opened in June. 12 new operating theatres, 120 one-bed en-suite rooms, new emergency and out patients departments and a 444-space underground car park will follow in the coming months.

It will be the greenest and most technologically driven hospital in Ireland upon its completion. Read more about the project here.

Photos of the Pod by Paul Farrell.