As project managers for the St. Vincent’s Hospital Nutley Wing, housing the national referral centre for Cystic Fibrosis, we’re proud to have been part of this much needed initiative to create new facilities that provide a highly technologically enables, safe, and caring environment for patients, their families and the St Vincent's team, which opened in 2012.

The 7 storey over basement New Ward Block provides a dedicated Cystic Fibrosis In-Patient ward and Day Patient Unit, dedicated Haematology Oncology In-Patient ward and Day Unit and 3 general in-patient wards. The 120 bed Ward Block provides 100% single en-suite room accommodation, inclusive of 20 isolation rooms.

The ward block includes the national referral centre for cystic fibrosis patients, including inpatient accommodation and a day care unit. Critical to best practice care for cystic fibrosis patients is the reduction of infection and cross infection from other patients, and the new ward block provides the very best environment for this type of care.

In addition to ward accommodation the building provides conference and teaching facilities in a dedicated conference unit and meeting/seminar rooms on each floor of the building. The basement provides dedicated non-clinical support facilities such as an equipment library, physiotherapy stores, decontamination room, cleaner and waste sub-bases and plant room.

We provided project management services on behalf of the client, reporting directly to the Project Team, consisting of members of the Hospital Executive and the HSE. We were responsible for procuring an innovative Design-Build-Finance development package with advice from the NTMA, and for client consultation, brief development, procurement of contractor, contract administration with the employer's representative, client consultation during construction, and management of expectations, management of Per Cent for Art scheme, and management of the building handover and final account.