As part of a partnership programme focusing on innovation support for creative industries across North West Ireland, Northern Ireland, and Scotland, we worked with the Creative Sligo Partnership, Western Development Commission, and regional partners to devise the 4CNW (Creative Challenge Celtic Crescent North West) Business Support Programme.

Focusing on innovation support for creative industries, 4CNW demonstrated how public authorities can stimulate business innovation take-up and increase enterprise, through a unique service innovation that partners creative professionals with businesses in the wider economy.

Evolving out of the Creative Sligo Initiative Strategy which we developed for the County Development Board in 2010, and our Greenfort Area Cultural Mapping project for Sligo Local Authorities in 2009, 4CNW is one of the 8 projects, and the only Irish project, selected to participate in and inform the European Creative Industries Alliance (ECIA), and selected as an ECIA best practice case study in 2015.