I’m delighted that we took part. It was a wonderful experience that the class thoroughly enjoyed. It was hands on active learning and was a perfect example of the curriculum: learning strategy of use of the environment.

~ Mary Sunderland, teacher of the 6th Class St Laurence O’Toole’s CBS

In May 2013, we were engaged by Dublin City Council Roads & Traffic Department (DCC), to design and implement a stakeholder engagement process for a potential new cycling and pedestrian Green Route on a site along the Royal Canal Greenway between Sheriff Street Upper and North Strand Road, following a local campaign to object to the potential development.

Engaging with key local representatives, the local community, promoters and partners, and special interest groups, we designed and implemented a stakeholder engagement process resulting in guidelines for the new amenity, which informed the Part 8 Application design process.

Making initial contact with local representatives, we then mapped all the stakeholders to be engaged – local community, promoters and partners, and special interest groups.

We shaped the consultation process with key community stakeholders through initial soundings with local representatives to ask their views and advice on the best way to communicate with local people.

What followed was a consultation process that included collaborative workshops enabled by a Reimagining The Canal art project with local schoolchildren in North Wall; door-to-door consultation with local residents; one-on-one meetings with key local stakeholders; open community meetings in the North Wall, East Wall and Charleville Mall; a collaborative workshop held in Dublin City Council with promoters and partners; and an open on-site collaborative workshop to reflect the hopes and concerns gathered.

Based on this initial stakeholder engagement process, the seeds of a partnership approach exist between all the stakeholders - local community promoters and partners, and special interest groups.

The stakeholder engagement strategy informed Design Guidelines submitted to Dublin City Council in December 2013, which we prepared, to assist in the next stage of the process.

It was an inspiring process to be involved with the local schoolchildren’s Reimagining the Canal art project and we’re delighted to see this project being moved on to the next phase. It will be a great addition to Dublin and a fantastic benefit to people in the city.

We were delighted to be asked to contribute to the DCC collaborative planning process, for the proposed greenway from North Strand to Sherriff Street by M.CO. We've found that bringing people for a short spin on a boat will usually offer them a completely new perspective which generally leads to the canal being viewed in a more positive light.

~ Mick Farrell, Inland Waterways Association of Ireland