Arising out of an extensive local area mapping and community consultation process, we worked with Dublin City Council (DCC) and the community public private collaboration to devise a smarter travel initiative bid. The outcome led to the development of Hike It, Bike It, Like It Drimnagh – the Drimnagh Smarter Travel Competition bid and winner of the 2016 Energy Globe Award.

An initiative that actively encourages people to think about and change how they travel, it promotes local living, encouraging public realm improvements and changes around sustainable living, and makes it easier and safer to get around Drimnagh.

Drimnagh is an area of Dublin City where the local stakeholders have been focused on Smarter Travel since 2008, promoting ‘local living’ by actively encouraging residents to think about, and change, how they travel.

Collaborating with Dublin City Council since 2008, we worked with them, and with community groups, to develop an Integrated Area Plan (IAP) for Drimnagh which puts forward a vision and a framework for how to improve the existing environment, local economy and quality of life in the area.

Building on the community's vision for Drimnagh as a safe, healthy, vibrant and ‘green’ community as expressed in the IAP, Dublin City Council saw an opportunity for Drimnagh to promote itself as an exemplar and demonstrator community in Dublin for the National Smarter Travel programme in 2010.

Drimnagh was shortlisted and Dublin City Council remained committed to supporting the implementation of the vision for Drimnagh as established in the IAP and the Smarter Travel Bid, which is to encourage people in Drimnagh to walk, cycle and use public transport more often.

Working with Dublin City Council Roads and Traffic division we developed a community-led identity for smarter travel and local living in Drimnagh, an area with a population of over 12,000 people within Dublin city in Ireland. The objective of this project was to encourage local ownership of the smarter travel campaign amongst the diverse stakeholders.

It was important for the identity to be designed with future generations in mind, and for its overall look and feel to come directly from the community. To do this we worked with three local schools in the area, all of whom had recently obtained their Green Flag for Travel through the An Taisce's Green School Programme.

The schools engaged in an identity competition with the children creating posters and slogans to directly inspire the new logo. Following initial presentations to the school the children were given Ideas Notebooks to take home over mid-term break so that they might talk about smarter travel and healthy living with their families and ultimately generate ideas for their poster entry.

We organised artist-led workshops for each participating class, and the children worked in groups to discuss their ideas books and turn them into entries for the competition. Ultimately the winning slogan Hike it, Bike it, Like it was devised by a group of three 5th class students, and the best poster entries were used to inspire the graphics on the logo.

This new identity was created for shared ownership, and is available for use by all stakeholders to support, promote and develop activities that encourage the community to choose to travel more sustainably.

The Drimnagh Smarter Travel Initiative was officially launched in November 2011 and has secured funding from the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport for Dublin City Council to implement three initial projects, which will deliver:

  • Two new Slí na Sláinte walking routes – a 1.2km route in Lansdowne Valley Park and a 2km route along the Grand Canal
  • Better signage and improved public lighting between Our Lady’s Hospital, Crumlin and the Drimnagh Luas stop
  • New bicycle parking facilities at key locations, such as Galtymore Road and Our Lady’s Hospital