M.CO’s Directors were, for ten years, Executive Directors of Temple Bar Properties Ltd., the company tasked by the Irish Government to revitalise the 28 acre Temple Bar area in Dublin City Centre. The area’s urban renewal was delivered through public and private investment between 1990 and 2000.

The role was to deliver the project from concept to completion, within the context of the Temple Bar Framework Plan which was commissioned by Temple Bar Properties in 1991.

The development comprised integrated cultural, public realm, environmental, retail and residential development programmes, working with 44 different design teams on mixed use projects.

Some of the leading successes include developing homes for 2000 people, procuring 10 major cultural centres, including the Irish Film Centre, the Project Arts Centre, the Ark Children’s Cultural Centre, together with public streets and squares, and the development of cultural amenities, using innovative green technology.

Devising appropriate governance structures, leading design teams through statutory approvals processes, securing funding, procuring contractors, managing projects on site, marketing the area and overseeing the sales and letting processes, ensured that within ten years the project was developed from feasibility, to business planning, through to construction and handover stages.