The Royal College of Physicians in Ireland (RCPI) were trying to imagine the future of healthcare, and their own role in the professional development of the Doctor of the Future. Working with the RCPI, we helped formulate a ten-year strategic document outlining a collective vision for the future of acute hospitals in the context of an evolving healthcare system based on current and future policy decisions.

M‑CO designed and facilitated a series of strategic collaborative workshops, attended by over 300 people, engaging diverse stakeholders – patients, staff, medical practitioners, universities, and experts in their field – to gather and analyse their views.

We worked collaboratively with the RCPI to formulate critical questions and activities for participants to focus on. We designed visual materials to inspire and stimulate discussion – vision boards, quotes from patients, a clearly described scope and assumptions. All outputs were gathered and analysed, and common trends were identified and presented to the RCPI to inform the development of the strategy.

Towards 2026 was chaired by Dr Tom Keane, former Director of the National Cancer Control Programme. The final strategy document can be viewed here.